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How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help Us Forgive Ourselves

here We’ve all done things we’re not proud of. Some of us have even done things we’re downright ashamed of. The feelings of guilt, shame, and remorse can be major obstacles to our spiritual development. The good news is that through the practice of mindfulness meditation, we can learn to forgive ourselves and to let go […]

21 Signs Your Meditation & Yoga Practices Are Working

how can i buy accutane in uk Meditation and yoga practices help us to work toward becoming happier and peaceful human beings. This is an ongoing process and can take a lifetime. Sometimes you may wonder if your daily meditation and yoga practices have been benefiting you, and if so, how.

Kundalini Meditation to Attract Opportunities

Meditation Can Help With Addiction

http://skyeagletours.com/de Meditation can change lives. It changed mine. The benefits of the ancient practice have only fairly recently been validated with technology by science. On a physical level, a person is learning to alter the way their brain functions by changing their thought patterns. Debbie Hampton, creator of the blog and website, The Best Brain Possible, […]

Step One, Balance!

6 Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness Outside of Meditation

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to our present moment experience, whether it be a sight, a sound, a taste, a smell, a sensation in the body, or mental activity (the latter includes emotions and thoughts). Practice it for a few moments or for a few minutes—lying on your bed, sitting in a doctor’s […]

Meditation Room Decor Ideas

All people, of course want to have a comfortable home which can accommodate the need of the homeowners. For sure, it means that we have to design and create home to be as complete as possible based on our need. That is including on designing and preparing the rooms for the various functions there. That […]

17 Types Of Meditation

Working out the different types of meditation can be confusing and a little overwhelming – which is not ideal when it comes to a practise that is supposed to help you de-stress! Like yoga, meditation and mindfulness methods come in all shapes and sizes. Here is list of different kinds of meditation for you to […]

Meditation for Beginners: 20 Practical Tips for Understanding the Mind

The most important habit I’ve formed in the last 10 years of forming habits is meditation. Hands down, bar none. Meditation has helped me to form all my other habits, it’s helped me to become more peaceful, more focused, less worried about discomfort, more appreciative and attentive to everything in my life.

Your Guide to Making Meditation a Way of Life

Meditation isn’t a short-term prescription. It’s a use that continues day in and day out for a rest of your life. Here’s how to play a prolonged game.

Having Thoughts In Meditation

One of the biggest misconceptions around meditation is that it is all about a zen moment of being completely calm and serene. While this certainly can happen, the truth is some meditations are really messy.

Meditation To Help You Sleep

How Complaining Rewires Your Brain For Negativity (and How You Can Use Mindfulness to Help You Stop)

Are you a complainer? Do you sometimes feel like anything you do can be complained about? Complaining feels good, like how smoking and eating chocolate feel good. It lets us vent our negativity. Although we know it’s not necessarily good for us but we do it anyway as a guilty pleasure. Researchers have found that […]

Can Meditation Improve The Lives Of Cancer Patients?

Cancer can certainly make it be difficult to be present and feel engaged in what is happening. And for patients who have been diagnosed with advanced cancer or facing end-of-life issues, their mind can be so full of worry and stress, they struggle to be present and aware of the time they have right now.

Mindful Warriors: Meditation for Teenagers

Can meditation positively affect teenagers’ lives? Absolutely it can! Research in neuroscience and attention provides evidence that meditation strengthens the neural systems of the brain that are responsible for concentration and generating empathy. Becoming more mindful helps children and adolescents better regulate how life circumstances impact their mental health.

The Strategic Retreat

For some women, booking a reflective spa holiday can turn out to be a life-changing manoeuvre. Nicola Moulton shares their stories in this piece originally printed in Vogue’s August 2016 issue.

What Does Mindfulness Meditation Do to Your Brain?

As you read this, wiggle your toes. Feel the way they push against your shoes, and the weight of your feet on the floor. Really think about what your feet feel like right now – their heaviness. If you’ve never heard of mindfulness meditation, congratulations, you’ve just done a few moments of it.

BEYOND MEDITATION: How Leaders Can Put Mindfulness Into Action

Mindfulness continues to garner significant attention in business. And it makes sense. When companies like Google, Apple, McKinsey, Intel, and General Mills all focus in a particular direction, others will naturally follow—especially when research paints such a compelling picture of the possible benefits of mindfulness, from stress reduction to improved relationships to better problem solving […]

How to Share Mindfulness and Meditation with Children

Meditation looks easy. How could sitting on a cushion and doing nothing be hard? Yet when I first learned to meditate, it reminded me of playing with a Russian nesting doll: open it and there’s another just like it inside, only smaller, and then another, and several more, until the littlest doll is finally revealed.

How to Practice Vipassana Insight Meditation

Vipassana, or insight meditation, is the practice of continued close attention to sensation, through which one ultimately sees the true nature of existence. It is believed to be the form of meditation practice taught by the Buddha himself, and although the specific form of the practice may vary, it is the basis of all traditions […]


Yoga and meditation can be used as a healthcare tool for healthy living. You have heard that yoga meditation is helpful or good for health. But how it is good for health or it works really? There are also many controversial stories about yoga. So, you should know scientifically about yoga meditation. There are a […]

Meditation Helps Kids Perform In School

It was with great dismay and astonishment to read that some members of the Florida Legislature are considering funding $200 million to charter schools as a way of solving failing public schools.

How To Meditate Over A Cup Of Coffee

To misquote a piece of ’80s movie wisdom, life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and meditate every so often, you could miss it. Simply put, meditation can make your life better.  

Nine Ways Mindfulness Can Improve Your Mental Health

Only two years ago, few people would have been aware what mindfulness was, let alone the amazing benefits it can have for our mental health.    

Anxiety and Mindfulness In Children

How helping kids embrace their natural mindfulness and live in the present, instead of worrying about the past or the future, can have a big effect.  

5 Steps to Wind Down and Falling Asleep

How to stop tossing and turning and get some quality shut-eye.  

It’s Not Just For Your Brain: Meditating Can Actually Change Your DNA

The benefits of mindfulness meditation just keep piling up.  

5 Modern Health Trends Based on Ancient Wisdom

Some of today’s most popular wellness and health trends have deep roots in long-practiced wisdom traditions.  

Can Mindfulness Be As Effective As Antidepressants?

When patients with chronic depression are given the tools to combat depression, they are able to stave it off without medication, new research shows.  

Transcendental Meditation Makes A Comeback, With The Aim Of Giving Back

TM is enjoying a renaissance. And it seems to be helping those who need it most.  

The Reasons Why We Should Bring Meditation into Schools

“If every eight year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” –Dalai Lama  

More Kids Are Doing Yoga and Using Natural Remedies

Kids are doing a lot more yoga and taking more melatonin, a plant-based sleep aid.

Let It Be: Using Mindfulness to Overcome Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety tells you everything you feel is serious. Depression paints everything in black and white. Together, they skew perceptions. Mindfulness can help.  

10 Reasons You Should Try Meditation

Have you ever tried meditating? Perhaps you’ve dismissed it as being a bit too hippy and new age? Or wouldn’t know where to start? Well I’m here to convince you why you should give it a go! What is…  

How I Silenced That Voice in My Head

The one that taunted, “You’re not good enough.”  

New Study Finds Mindfulness Therapy As Effective As Meds Against Depression

Relapse is a common and devastating aspect of major depression, a mental illness that affects roughly 15 million Americans. The usual preventative treatment is long-term or maintenance use of antidepressants.  

21 Signs Your Meditation & Yoga Practices Are Working

  Meditation and yoga practices help us to work toward becoming happier and peaceful human beings. This is an ongoing process and can take a lifetime. Sometimes you may wonder if your daily  

How Meditation Affects Heart Health

Your whole system, including how you breathe, think, and feel converges at the heart. Find out how to keep this major energy center in balance.  

Sleep Quality Could Be Improved With Mindfulness Meditation

A study comparing mindfulness meditation with sleep hygiene education found that meditation resulted in greater improvement in sleep quality for older adults.  

The Power of Meditation : How It Helped Me Rediscover Happiness and Boost Productivity

The Power of Meditation : How It Helped Me Rediscover Happiness and Boost Productivity  

4 Ways To Make Your Brain Work Better

The New Yorker’s Maria Konnikova explains the science behind why we need to sleep more, waste less time on the Internet, and stop multitasking.  

Meditation May Stop Your Brain From Withering Away

Scientists have uncovered yet another perk of meditation.  

Meditation & The Breath

In this first of three articles, let’s explore the three vital keys of proper meditation – the first being the breath. For a beginner seeking an introduction…  

Using the Root Lock in Meditation

  How to focus the mind and body to enhance our meditation practice.  

Want To Be Happy? Slow Down

In this free-wheeling discussion at TED Global in October 2014, Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard talked with journalist and writer Pico Iyer about how to spend time meaningfully.  

How To Raise Your Vibration ~ 16 Tried & True Tips

  How do you raise your vibration? There are a multitude of ways and if you’re on the path of awakening and transformation, you’ll inevitably find the most effective methods for you.  

How To Develop A Morning & Evening Meditation Habit (Even If You’re Busy)

I don’t really like the word lazy. In my practice as a therapist, I counsel people to eliminate the word from their vocabulary to discourage any negative self-talk. Not to mention, the word should  

Daily Meditation: Wash Anxiety Away

We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be part of bringing spirituality alive in your life.  

How Mindfulness Is Revolutionizing Mental Health Care

More than 350 million people globally suffer from depression, and 1 in 13 people around the world have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.  

5 Ways Meditation Can Help You Have Mind-Blowing Sex

  Amazing sex may seem like an unlikely benefit of meditation, but let’s just say that mindfulness may do much more for you than Viagra in the bedroom. For too long, meditation has been associated