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The Power of Qigong to Create Balance and Prevent Disease

Qigong, pronounced “chee gung,” means literally the skill (gong) of regulating life energy (qi) to improve health. It is an ancient Chinese system of posture, exercise, respiratory techniques, and meditation. Qigong has three major applications: spiritual, athletics, and healing.

Could Qigong Be The Next Yoga?

But what is it? Think of qigong as the grandmother of tai chi, an ancient Asian practice — and one of the four branches of traditional Chinese medicine — that combines gentle breathing, flowing movements and mindfulness meditation. Followers like the simple practice for a variety of reasons, including its purported ability to restore wellness, […]

Morning Qi Gong 10 Min Exercise

Why Tai Chi Can Help Just About Anyone: A Cardiologist Explains

It was impossible not to enjoy my first Tai Chi practice. Our guide and instructor, Bud, led a hike through glorious red mountains outside St. George, Utah, to a ridge with a breathtaking view. The sky was blue and still. He led us through a series of gentle, flowing movements, and finished by playing mystical […]

5 Element Qigong Practice for Water (kidneys and urinary bladder)

Twelve Weeks Of Tai Chi Shown To Significantly Reduce Mild To Moderate Depression

The ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi is often overlooked as a form of exercise even though the practice has countless health benefits that include stress reduction, increased flexibility, and now, according to a new study, an improvement in depression symptoms.

Tai Chi Can Reduce Risk for Falls for Elderly

Balance is extraordinarily important in your life. Whether you’re older than 65 years or younger, both your body and mind require balance to achieve optimal health. Unfortunately, many spend hours behind a desk each day, increasing their risk of impairing muscle development and losing strength and balance.

Are You A Breast Cancer Survivor? Tai Chi Could Help You Sleep Better

Tai chi, the traditional Chinese exercise which focuses on posture, breathing and meditation, could be beneficial in helping relieve insomnia in breast cancer survivors. That’s according to a new study from American university UCLA that adds to previous research which has already found tai chi to beneficial in a range of other health conditions, including […]

Why You Should Try Tai Chi

Some doctors like to call it “medication in motion” because of its many benefits to the mind and body. Head to a major urban park on a spring morning and you’ll likely encounter a group of people practicing tai chi. It’s a beautiful, soothing thing to watch. The participants appear to be intently focused on […]

Morning Qi Gong 10 Min Exercise

Qi Gong Exercise To Balance Your Body

Forget The Drugs, The Answer To Back Pain May Be Tai Chi, Massage

The answer to lower back pain may lie not in prescription drugs, but in Tai chi, heat therapy or massage, according to health guidelines released Tuesday. New guidelines from the American College of Physicians (ACP) detail which treatments may help with lower back pain, and make it clear that physicians should suggest prescription drugs as […]

Qi Gong – Understanding Chi Energy Within Your Body

Qi Gong gives you super powers. Learn to harness and utilize the energy available to you to cultivate amazing health, long life and super powers.  

Qi Gong – Gentle Movement for Everyone

Qi Gong The art and practice of Qi gong, also known as ch’i gung, has been used to heal the body and mind, increase vitality, and improve overall health for more than 5,000 years . The name of this…  

Qi Gong: 7 Minutes of Magic (for Health)

   A complete segment from Lee Holden’s bestselling …  

To Jump-Start Your Exercise Routine, Be Mindful

By paying more attention to the experience of exercise itself, even the most reluctant of exercisers might begin to find pleasure in movement.  

Qigong For Mind, Body & Spirit Health

There are three threads constant to all forms of Qigong: breath, posture and mind (intent) •  The healing art of Qigong has been practised in China throughout many millennia.  

‘Text Neck’ Is Becoming An ‘Epidemic’ And Could Wreck Your Spine

Thanks to the earth’s gravitational pull, the average adult can put up to 60 pounds of pressure on the cervical spine when bent at a 60-degree angle.  

How To Raise Your Vibration ~ 16 Tried & True Tips

  How do you raise your vibration? There are a multitude of ways and if you’re on the path of awakening and transformation, you’ll inevitably find the most effective methods for you.  

Ji Ben Qi Gong (Fundamental Exercises)

  Many people who bought my recent book: ‘Daoist Nei Gong – Philosophical Art of Change’ have contacted me asking for a video of the exercises from the book.  

The Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan or more commonly just Tai Chi (pronounced tie chee ) has been in existence for at least 1,000 years. Originally it was a form of self-defense. Today it is graceful movements that have been described as meditation in motion. It is used today by millions of people throughout the world to promote […]

What is Qi Gong

True purpose is about aligning with a higher power, discovering who you are within the universe.  

3 Eastern Practices to Tame ‘Monkey Mind’

Keeping your thoughts together can help you be a more peaceful and organized entrepreneur. When you’re thinking clearly, you’ll act more confidently and decisively. The Buddhist term “Monkey Mind” stems from the observation that left untamed, our minds’ natural state can tend toward being unsettl…

How Reiki and Qigong Can Help Cancer Patients

Zakim Center qigong and tai chi master, Ramel Romes, teaches qigong to Dana-Farber patients. Cancer therapy can take a toll on one’s body and mind. Thankfully, there are a variety of integrative therapies that, together with …  

Healthy Early Morning ” QI GONG “

  Every day , every early morning ,….for 20 minutes or more and underneath a big tree with plenty of greenery foliage around & favourably near a running stre…  

5 Habits That The Super Successful Have Before Sunrise

There’s something about the morning that makes it so special… maybe it’s the promise of a new day. Maybe it’s the chill in the air, the darkness in the sky, or the uncommon silence. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure. The morning is a make or break moment for your day, and the […]

How to increase ENERGY, Simple Qi Gong Exercises & explanation

How to increase ENERGY, Simple Qi Gong Exercises. How to lose weight FAST! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKhNxfXq9Wo Subscribe: http://youtube.com/certifie... (How to increase ENERGY, Simple Qi Gong explanation.

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Qi Gong: 7 Minutes of Magic (for Health) – YouTube

http://www.exercisetoheal.com/Qi+Gong+DVDs/Qi+Gong+7+Minutes+of+Magic%3A+AM+%26+PM+Routines+.html?lid=yt002 A complete segment from Lee Holden’s bestselling …

Stroke Prevention for Women: Start Early

 Stroke typically affects women in their later years, but doctors are now beginning to focus on helping them cut their risk earlier in life. This increased attention to risk factors in early adult years was recommended by new gu…

Tai Chi benefits cancer patients, survivors

Tai Chi benefits cancer patients, survivors Tai chi and qi gong (pronounced “chee goong”) are traditional Chinese movement exercises. Tai chi is a series of movements done either very slowly or quickly to help move the body’s chi.