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What Injuring Myself Taught Me About Yoga

While I’m tending to the soreness, stiffness, and pain with self-care and doctor’s visits, as a yoga practitioner, I find it somewhat amusing that I don’t have a more extraordinary story to tell. It’s not like I hurt myself attempting a one-handed handstand or anything; I just tripped and fell.

Can Yoga Affect the Way We Age?

Research over the past thirty years has shown that the practice of yoga and meditation, and clean diet and lifestyle, can greatly reduce the fraying of telomeres, the part of our DNA that is related to aging. The telomere is like the plastic cap on the end of a shoelace that prevents the shoelace from […]

This 15-Minute Yoga Flow Will Instantly Brighten Your Skin

Winter can take a toll on your appearance: dry air sucks moisture away from the skin, leaving you with a dull, lifeless complexion. Plus, when you step out into the cold and instinctively crunch your shoulders up to your ears, you’re storing excess tension in your upper back and shoulders. That physical stress doesn’t look […]